Terms of Service

Warranty/Repair Policy

Deep Space Devices offers a 1 year warranty on all of our products with receipt of purchase provided. Warranty does not cover enclosure, knob, hardware damage or any physical abuse. Our warranty specifically covers internal damage & we will more than gladly repair the device to bring it to life again. However, any misuse of power handling with such pedal will void your warranty and will charge a small fee in order for us to repair the device if wanted. Please contact us via email at deepspacedevices@gmail.com to get things going for you.

Return Policy

We will repair any devices covered by warranty but we currently do not accept returns for any case or reason. Although, if you purchase from one of our dealers, they may have return policy that’ll allow you to do so when purchasing from them.

Privacy Policy

Deep Space Devices ensures that we’ll never share any information pertaining to your address, email, phone number, with any other party in a million light years away. We will only use your information for communication between you and Deep Space Devices.