Shady AF Band Stops Set Right When They’re Supposed To

ATLANTA — Local band “The Dimitri Martin’s” astonished the crowd last night at a local house show by ending the band’s set right on time.

“So stupid.” quoted Xavier from “The Los Nachos”. “Who would go and do such a thing? They don’t belong in this scene. That’s for certain”.

One audience member remarked “The show was completely ruined.” Growling through a mouthful of black bean spinach tacos. “They didn’t even go 20 minutes over, what am I supposed to do with the rest of my night?”

The house owner, John, reportedly expressed discontent with not being able to use the speech he prepared for his landlord.

“Literally, I can’t believe they would do this. I spent ALL night coming up with an excuse about why we went over the 10 PM curfew, and then THEY come in and ruin my plans. Who even added them onto the bill? Ridiculous.”