Fuzz / Distortion


Your tone will shake the Earth

The Red Ghost is the premier true bypass effect pedal from Deep Space Devices which features 9VDC @ 10 mA minimum. Along with this, the pedal uses a 2.1 mm negative center jack.

By creating crushing clips, The Red Ghost is the wraith of your nightmares. With one knob to control the volume and gain of the “Horde”, your signal’s death rattle haunts the living. With “Shake” in the “Up” position, your tone will wear a howling halo of gritty distortion. In the “Down” position, your tone will shake the Earth with the sound of marching Death.

Along with these menacing options, you control the “Mass” of your output. In the “Up” position, treble is boosted allowing you decimate with an undead wail. In the “Down” position, the hordes of the undead claw through with guttural terror. Will you align yourself with the living, or the undead?


Diode Switcher
Up (Thrashy)
Down (Full tone)


Bass Boost Up (Treble Focused) Down (Bass Boost)


Controls Over Volume and Gain

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