Introducing: Radio-Bright

The Radio-Bright is a Ring Mod + Lo-Fi Delay pedal with Tremelo and Arp characteristics. The inspiration for the pedal comes from an event observed at OSU’s Big Ear Radio Telescope called the “Wow Signal“.

Astronomer Jerry R. Ehman circled 6EQUJ5 on the readout and wrote in bright red pen “Wow!”. As non-scientists, this meant “Wow! Aliens!”. So we decided on the name 6EQUJ5, but after some quiet deliberation with our friend from Collector//Emitter Ian, we decided that this would be unpronounceable and you’d receive some weird looks from your bandmates.

Instead, we did the appropriate thing when you are looking for a product name and just scrolled through Wikipedia references and eventually found “Radio-Bright”. We thought this sounded cool. Ian thought it sounded cool, and here we are months later. Thanks, Ian <3.


Delay Mix
Controls overall presence of delay.

Controls the delay time.

Controls the number of repeats.

Controls overall presence of ring mod.

Controls frequency ranging from 450hz to 4.7khz.

Controls speed of the sample rate of ring mod.


Reg/Mod and Sine/Square In Reg position, the Delay Mix will become the main focus for the effect.

While having the right toggle in the up (square) position, the arp effect becomes present and is controlled with the bottom knobs.

In down position (sine), a subtle oscillator becomes present providing warble effects in the background of the mix.

In Mod position, the ringmod/crush effect becomes fully present.

While having the right toggle in the up (square) position, the ring mod will act as a choppy tremolo that can be slowed down up to 4 seconds.

In down position (sine), the ring mod will act as a tremolo but in a more subtle way.


Left Footswitch

Right Footswitch
Momentary that slowly ramps the delay feedback.