When will you guys have more in stock?

When we release any pedal, we will release in batches of 10 to 20 or more. Once they are gone, it may be a moment until we do another batch of the same pedal that we just went through.

How are these devices made?

All of our products are assembled by hand. PCB's are manufactured through SMD assembly as of 2021. Any product previous of 2021 were through-hole assembly. Enclosure's are UV or screen-printed through a 3rd party as all acid etching enclosures are done in-house.

Do you accept returns?

We unfortunately don’t at this time but if you purchase from one of our retailers, they may have terms of return when purchasing from them.

What order should I have my pedals on my pedalboard?

Well, the traditional way you will see on many boards is compression at the beginning of chain but beyond that, get experimental! Get weird! You can create different tones and sounds will different arrangements of pedals. All trial and error. We particularly love the Boredbrain Patchulator 8000 to easily change around your chain.

My pedal is sounding crazy and super loud. Is it broken?

Our pedals are made to be crazy, loud, and some may say “they are great with noise!”. If you believe it really is broken or is acting TOO CRAZY, shoot us an email. Any products that are not effects pedals (Antikythera mini mono-synth), there may be a small fee upon repair. With any discontinued products (Red Ghost, Golem), we can fix it up for you.

I work at a store and we want to carry your pedals.

Awesome! Just email us at deepspacedevices@gmail.com 

Custom work?

There’s always a possibility but probably not. Just hit us up.

My Red Ghost sounds like a dying battery. Is that normal?

Yes! That’s a little something we made the Red Ghost to do when you mess around with the volume controls on your instrument.