Founded in 2018, Deep Space Devices is a small effects pedal company based out of Gadsden, Alabama by Clint McDuffie (pedal brains and noise whatever) and Taylor Adams (Art creator maker dude).

Prior to Deep Space Devices becoming a thing, Clint and Taylor were pretty involved with music (Clint – GallantHorn. Taylor – Pace House and Mount Vesuvius Death March) and both had an interest in pedals and art. Pedals more so for Clint. Art more so for Taylor (it’s their profession so yeah, definitely more so). With both those interests, we both thought the mix of the two would be a fun gig to take on which brought us to Deep Space Devices becoming a thing.

Each effect pedal is designed and created with the unique approach and experimental take as far as functionality goes. For example, our flagship pedal, Trigonaut. Fuzz drive with octave glitch/sputter capabilities that ranges from a leveled drive to chaotic octave fuzz.

From 2018-2019, Deep Space has attended and participated in many trade shows and events such as Delicious Audio Stompbox Expo, Namm, and music festivals.

When 2020 came around, we took a much a needed break that was only intended for a short period of time but Covid-19 arrived which pushed our break for the rest of 2020. During that time, a lot of things was decided going into 2021: Small batches, acid etched, and always making sure we are happy and enjoying what we’re doing.

At the end of the day, this is a hobby to us. We have families, full time gigs, music projects and many other things outside of Deep Space Devices but this is our escape where we can make noise and share with everyone.